Dragon Thursday – TurtleRok Pottery

Good morning!

In my search for all things dragon, this mug popped up on my screen and I knew it was going to be my Dragon Thursday pick.

This beautiful dragon mug by TurtleRok  is a hand made pottery mug. I love it!  The colors are beautiful and it comes in three sizes, 12, 16 and 20 ounce.  They get it!  Some days require 20 ounces of coffee. 😀

(click on photos to go to their Etsy page)

It comes in a shiny finish

or a matte finish


Both are gorgeous. Be sure to check out their other items as well.  Beautiful work!

Dragon Thursday – Crochet Dragon by Crafty Intentions

I have grand plans to one day learn to crochet and/or knit.

So far that has not happened, but it doesn’t stop me from looking at patterns.

For you crafty people, here is a link to a wonderful Dragon by Crafty Intentions

You can find this pattern and many more on the Ravelry website.

Click on the images to to the pattern webpage.  If anyone makes one of these Please leave a comment. (These are so awesome!)

Dragon Thursday – Dragons and Coffee – fantasy art by Amy Brown

Good morning!

Todays Dragon Thursday combines two of my favorite things, dragons and coffee.  The artist is Amy Brown.  She produces beautiful, whimsical fantasy art.  I found her Official Etsy shop, but she also has several other places where you can admire and buy her art.  I found the easiest way is to go to this website and navigate from there.  

Amy Brown Art

Click on the images to go to her Official Etsy Shop. 

Dragon Thursday – Turkey Dragons

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating.  

This weeks Dragon Thursday features creatures that would definitely not show up at our Thanksgiving dinner.  They might see us as dinner. 

The first is by an artist on DeviantArt named JadeRavenwing


Up next is one by an artist called CapnShortstackalso on DeviantArt.

Gooble, gobble. 😉

Dragon Thursday – Dragon soap from The Charming Frog

Good morning,

In my quest for dragons, I found this unique dragon soap on Etsy,  The shop is called The Charming Frog

This dragon soap comes in several color combinations and you can choose your scent from 39 different fragrances or choose unscented.  Wow!  They have several different dragon soaps to choose from.


These are amazing.

They also carry designs for all occasions and seasons. They make beautiful soaps, lip balms and melts.  Please take a moment and visit their shop.  So many wonderful designs. There is something for everyone.  It’s soap as art.  Enjoy.