Dragon Thursday – emilySculpts

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I found these wonderful  garden dragons on a website called emilySculpts.com.

She calls these Arbori sculptures, and they are made to hold live plants.

Click the images to go to her website.

There are many styles and colors of planters , but I was drawn to the green ones. These are wonderful.  I grow succulents and these would be perfect for some of the baby plants.

Dragon Thursday – A Rotten Smelly Dragon Jar by Pixie Hill

This week I found a fun Dragon project on Pixie Hill, a blog by Nichola Battilana: Maker of Messes, Believer in Faeries

The  project is called A Rotten Smelly Dragon Jar Tutorial

There are notes in the blog post for making the Rotten Smelly Dragon Jar and a link to Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts where you can purchase the laser cut dragons.

I also enjoyed the Youtube video she has showing how to make the jars. 

Be sure to look around her blog and visit her Etsy store : PixieHillStudio.



Dragon Thursday – Dragon Masks

It is the last Dragon Thursday before Halloween.  I decided to go with dragon masks.  Although they never look as good on me as they do in the photos, I love them.  I have a blue dragon mask.   It is a little worn in places and now stays on the lamp shade by my bed.

I can’t remember where I bought it, but it was ordered from an Etsy store  several years ago.  In my search this year, I found several Etsy stores that carry dragon masks.  

One is named Squirrel Creek Creations, LLC

From their stores description: They make Unique Leather Masks, Armor, Costumes and Accessories.

 red and gold leather dragon mask.

They also have one described as Icy blue and White, leather dragon mask.


Another unusual leather mask is one from MaskEra on Etsy.

Ryu, Asian Dragon – Handmade Leather Mask

And last is this lovely, unusual mask from MeriMask described as an

Eastern Frilled Dragon Leather Mask.


Dragon Thursday – Dragon roof tile

Good morning,

I have a dear friend that lives just outside of Melbourne, Australia.  She surprised me with a package containing this amazing dragon roof tile.  ( Thank you!)   She found it on Ebay a few years ago.  I do not have the paperwork for the company selling it and have not seen another like it.  I love the colors!

Bottom of tile.

Dragon Thursday – Dragon Chimney Pots

Good morning

The nights are getting a little cooler for us in the Northern Hemisphere.  We start checking our heating systems and some will be getting their fireplaces ready too.  If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace , you may want to consider adding a guardian dragon chimney pot from Chimney Pot .com


This is one from a special order and Home Renovation contest

For more fun Dragon Chimney pots, visit their website.  

Also , a Google search for Dragon Chimney pots turns up a lot of great ideas.

Dragon Thursday – The art of Sandra SanTara

Good morning,

My wonderful friend, Dianne, gifted me with a beautiful dragon print made by artist Sandra SanTara.  Sandra creates fantasy art, including paintings of totem images, spirit wheels,  feather paintings,  Dragons, Gryphons and other mythical beasties and much more.  She also designs jewlery and t-shirts, which are available on her Etsy shop – Windwolf Studio (Etsy), as well as her Wolfwind Studio.com website.  

Below is an image from Sandra SanTara’s website of the print Dianne gave me.  Gorgeous!


You can also find Sandra SanTara here:



Dragon Thursday ~ Red Roo Art ~ Fantasy art by Ruth Thompson

Good morning,

Today I am featuring the art of Ruth Thompson of Red Roo Art.  My friends Jordan and David gave me a print last year,  titled Thunderstruck.  They purchased it at the Carolina Renaissance Festival.  Ruth travels all over the country to various Renaissance Festivals, Art Festivals and Conventions.    

It is a gorgeous blue dragon, very majestic, and I love it! (Thank you!  I think of you both every time I look at it)  I have to admit that every time I say the name of the print, I start hearing the AC/DC song in my head.  😉  


Her website is Red Roo Art.  I love the story behind it all on her About section.  She found her joy when she followed her dreams. Inspiring!  I love the story of how she met her husband too.  She has some amazing art – High Fantasy, Dragons, Faeries, Angels and the Fallen, a zodiac series and animals and companions.  She also does commissions.   This is one very busy artist.  When you visit her site, make sure you also check her page of Licensed Works (found under the About tab) It is an amazing list of art she has done for various companies, including art for Wizards of the Coast (Magic the Gathering) and so many more. 

Grab a cup of coffee and browse as while.  



Dragon Thursday – The art of Tim Stampton

Good morning,

I have awesome friends.  They remember my love of dragons and send me ideas and links they see and sometimes send me dragons.  Well, dragon art.  I am perfectly okay if they want to send me dragons too.  Just in case they are reading this and come across a real dragon. 🙂

My friend Marzie from Florida, recently went to Helsinki, Finland for World Con 2017   She met a man from Ireland named Tim Stampton.   She was able to visit with him a bit and thought he was very nice and had a great background in Folktales.  I think it’s great how people from all over the world meet for an event, share common interests, learn about one another and most of the time, come away feeling pretty happy to have shared the experience. 

She also bought this book:  

From his website:

Tim Stampton is an artist, illustrator and printmaker based in the northern part of Ireland. He produces wood engravings, woodcuts and watercolours which he has exhibited internationally. Tim collaborates with authors and has illustrated many books from Irish folklore to children’s stories.

He had some prints for sale and when she saw the one posted below, she said she had to get it for me.  (Big hugs and love, Marzie.  Thank you!)  She also said that he’s writing a children’s book about a dragon who ends up hiring the little boy to read to him.  I am looking forward to seeing it published.

A close up of the print.

To learn more about Tim Stampton click the links below

Tim Stampton

Ballagh Studio – tumblr

Creative Inishowen

To visit Marzie’s blog

Marzie’s Reads

You can also find her here onFacebook

Dragon Thursday – The alphabet, dragon style

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My friend Linda shared a link to this very cool dragon alphabet.
The artist name is Sue Ellen Brown and her website is Zoolnart.com.  In addition to the dragon alphabet, she also does illustrations and makes jewelry.  I will include links below to her shops.

You can also get this cool t-shirt ” Everyone needs their own dragon”

You can find the artist here:





Dragon Thursday – Forest Dragon. The Amazing artwork of Caralyn Edwards-Tucker

This gorgeous dragon popped up on my news feed this week.  It was from DeviantArt.  The artist is Caralyn Edwards-Tucker.  This is one of the most beautiful nature inspired dragon sculptures I have seen.  The detail is amazing.

Forest Dragon by Caralyn Edwards-Tucker of Mystic Reflections (From her Facebook page)

This past weekend she was at Dragon Con in Atlanta.  From what I gathered, this piece was one up for auction.  Who ever won this beautiful dragon is so very lucky!  

Here are a few more photos from her Facebook page.


The artist has a tutorial on how to make this dragon on her Blogspot site:


You can also find her artwork on the following sites.  She specializes in fantasy and steampunk creations. There is quiet a variety, all beautifully detailed.