Dragon Thursday – The art of Tim Stampton

Good morning,

I have awesome friends.  They remember my love of dragons and send me ideas and links they see and sometimes send me dragons.  Well, dragon art.  I am perfectly okay if they want to send me dragons too.  Just in case they are reading this and come across a real dragon. 🙂

My friend Marzie from Florida, recently went to Helsinki, Finland for World Con 2017   She met a man from Ireland named Tim Stampton.   She was able to visit with him a bit and thought he was very nice and had a great background in Folktales.  I think it’s great how people from all over the world meet for an event, share common interests, learn about one another and most of the time, come away feeling pretty happy to have shared the experience. 

She also bought this book:  

From his website:

Tim Stampton is an artist, illustrator and printmaker based in the northern part of Ireland. He produces wood engravings, woodcuts and watercolours which he has exhibited internationally. Tim collaborates with authors and has illustrated many books from Irish folklore to children’s stories.

He had some prints for sale and when she saw the one posted below, she said she had to get it for me.  (Big hugs and love, Marzie.  Thank you!)  She also said that he’s writing a children’s book about a dragon who ends up hiring the little boy to read to him.  I am looking forward to seeing it published.

A close up of the print.

To learn more about Tim Stampton click the links below

Tim Stampton

Ballagh Studio – tumblr

Creative Inishowen

To visit Marzie’s blog

Marzie’s Reads

You can also find her here onFacebook

3 thoughts on “Dragon Thursday – The art of Tim Stampton

  1. I knew you’d love it! That print definitely needed to come live in Texas. I’m going to review his book on Lesser Known Irish Faetie because it was so amusing and nicely drawn.

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  2. The print is great and I think my grand kids will love the book! Because I’m Irish I grew up on stories of faeries. They’re not delicate, sweet creatures. They scared the heck out of us (my siblings and cousins) when we were young….and maybe a little even now! lol

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