Living Low Carb – One Minute Muffin

In my search for low carb breads to satisfy that need for bready goodness, I came across this One Minute Muffin recipe on  Healthy Living How To.
The author, Vanessa Romero states that this she didn’t invent the recipe and that there are many variations that can be found on message boards in the low carb community.  I have seen several like this, but this one is my favorite.

I also add a teaspoon of nutritional yeast, which basically adds zero carbs to the recipe and I like the flavor and addition of B vitamins.  Using the nutritional ingredients on the products I had at home, I came up with a net carb of 2.4g.  This is excellent for keeping in my carb target.  I used a 4 inch ramekin and it makes a hamburger sized bun like the one pictured above.  It was almost too much bread after not eating any bread for the past month and a half.  It is great toasted to eat with my fried eggs and bacon. Yum!

Click the links or photo to get the recipe and check Vanessa’s site for more healthy living ideas.

Coffee Monday – Tully’s Coffee Shop Advertisements

Good morning,

I was meandering through Pinterest, looking at coffee pins and saw this cool coffee advertisement from Tully’s Coffee Shop

 Then I found this one

I love the concept and find the art style and the colors very appealing.

I have never had Tully’s coffee.  They appear to only be on the west coast .

Love their ads though.  🙂  

Coffee Monday

Good morning!

It is the first day of the school year for us.  We do not live in an area where back to school is associated with cool, crisp fall temperatures.  We will be hovering in the upper 90 F well into October.  It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, or how hectic the rush to be at school on time is, coffee is necessary part of the morning routine. 😉

While looking for back to school coffee ideas, I ran across these awesome pencils on Etsy.  These would be a fun gift for a teacher or any coffee lover you know (That includes yourself. ❤ )

Coffee quote pencils

The Etsy store is called Maple and Grace. Beautiful Gifts and Homeware

They are located in the United Kingdom.  They also make Fairy Doors and personalized gifts.

Take a look, they have a fun and whimsical store.


Yeah! It’s Friday!

Good morning and happy Friday!

The weekend is almost here and I am ready to relax.  Well, not really.  I have a long list of things that I need to do, but I still plan to make time to relax while working in the garden, or enjoying the wildflowers while running errands.  I may even enjoy a glass of wine or an ice-cold beer and watch the sunset.    When I found these cute earrings in Blanco the last time I was there , they reminded me of all these things.

I found these earrings at Brieger Pottery.     I attempted to find the company listed on the display paper.  I did not find any active sites, but I did find , which I think is the same person.

I hope you have a pleasant weekend,


Greater Roadrunner

When one talks about Roadrunners, many of us have the image of that incredibly fast  bird from Saturday morning cartoons.  Around our house, Roadrunners represent the speedy daredevil that races across the road just in front of the car, or speeds along with a lizard dangling from its beak as it ducks under the fence.  Occasionally, one will fly over the fence or up into the low branches of trees.  One place we almost never consider  looking for one is in the tree tops.   We were working outside when I heard a low cooing sound. It was similar to a dove, but not quite right.  After a few minutes of searching, I found the owner of the voice.  This Roadrunner was sitting in the top of an old cedar elm tree cooing to his heart’s content.


To give you an idea of how high up in the tree he was:

This is it’s cooing posture :

A great website to find out more about the Greater Roadrunner is

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology
All About Birds

This link also contains the many variations of calls
the Greater Roadrunner makes.

I apologize for the grainy pics.  This guy was very far up in the tree and I had my little Canon PowerShot SX 280HS with me.  It is easy to carry and I love the zoom capabilities.  Unfortunately it has never quite been the same since a trip to the coast a few years ago. Still the camera I  carry in my pocket most of the time.