Living Low Carb – One Minute Muffin

In my search for low carb breads to satisfy that need for bready goodness, I came across this One Minute Muffin recipe on  Healthy Living How To.
The author, Vanessa Romero states that this she didn’t invent the recipe and that there are many variations that can be found on message boards in the low carb community.  I have seen several like this, but this one is my favorite.

I also add a teaspoon of nutritional yeast, which basically adds zero carbs to the recipe and I like the flavor and addition of B vitamins.  Using the nutritional ingredients on the products I had at home, I came up with a net carb of 2.4g.  This is excellent for keeping in my carb target.  I used a 4 inch ramekin and it makes a hamburger sized bun like the one pictured above.  It was almost too much bread after not eating any bread for the past month and a half.  It is great toasted to eat with my fried eggs and bacon. Yum!

Click the links or photo to get the recipe and check Vanessa’s site for more healthy living ideas.

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