Dragon Thursday – Clockwork Dragons by Annah Wooten

Good morning,

I love Pinterest.  There are so many interesting things there.  

Like these Clockwork Dragons by Annah Wooten.

You can find these wonderful clockwork dragons on her Deviantart site – amarys(Annah Wooten), and her website annahlouise.com

Annah Wooten is an Artist from the UK. To find out more click here

Dragon Thursday – Achoo!

Good morning,

Apparently I am allergic to something and our crazy whip lash weather probably isn’t helping. 70F one day and 35F then next. I am feeling much like this little dragon below.

I found this sweet blue dragon on DeviantArt by artist


Dragon Thursday – Turkey Dragons

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating.  

This weeks Dragon Thursday features creatures that would definitely not show up at our Thanksgiving dinner.  They might see us as dinner. 

The first is by an artist on DeviantArt named JadeRavenwing


Up next is one by an artist called CapnShortstackalso on DeviantArt.

Gooble, gobble. 😉

Dragon Thursday – Forest Dragon. The Amazing artwork of Caralyn Edwards-Tucker

This gorgeous dragon popped up on my news feed this week.  It was from DeviantArt.  The artist is Caralyn Edwards-Tucker.  This is one of the most beautiful nature inspired dragon sculptures I have seen.  The detail is amazing.

Forest Dragon by Caralyn Edwards-Tucker of Mystic Reflections (From her Facebook page)

This past weekend she was at Dragon Con in Atlanta.  From what I gathered, this piece was one up for auction.  Who ever won this beautiful dragon is so very lucky!  

Here are a few more photos from her Facebook page.


The artist has a tutorial on how to make this dragon on her Blogspot site:


You can also find her artwork on the following sites.  She specializes in fantasy and steampunk creations. There is quiet a variety, all beautifully detailed.





Dragon Thursday

Good morning,

Once again Pinterest was the beginning of the journey.  It led to DeviantArt then to the artist’s website.  The artist is  Eric Deschamps.

From the artist website:

Eric Deschamps is both a sci-fi/fantasy illustrator and a video game concept artist. For the past decade Eric has worked with a diverse list of clients including publishing, video game and advertising companies. His illustrations have been recognized in 8 volumes of ‘Spectrum: Best In Contemporary Fantastic Art.’ Eric’s work also has received a silver award and an honorable mention by the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles ‘Illustration West Annual’.

Client List Includes: Activision, Bayard Presse, Bloomsbury Children’s Books, Blizzard Entertainment, Breakaway Games, Big Huge Games,  Future Publishing, HarperCollins, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt,  Paizo Publishing, Petroglyph Games, Privateer Press, Simon & Schuster, Sony Online Entertainment, TBWA/Chiat/Day, Wizards Of The Coast

To see more of this artists wonderful art click the links below:



You can purchase his art here:  


I found this artist while looking for dragons, but I am sure I have seen his work before in the hundreds of Magic The Gathering cards my kids have all over the house. 🙂



Dragon Thursday

Good morning!

I am running late this week.  I found this beautiful little dragon on Pinterest and followed the links to the artists DeviantArt page.  The artist is Alvia Alcedo.

They also have an Esty shop (which is currently sold out), but you can see some of the beautiful jewelry they have made.

Click the links below to find out more about this wonderful artist:

Alvia Alcedo







Dragon Thursday

I love Pinterest.  You can find some the most delightful things.  This dragon came across my main page and I knew he had to be part of the holiday Dragon Thursdays.  The artist is cosmosue on DeviantArt


The note says:

Dear Santa,

i wuld like:

1. Roller Skates
3. Plushie Fella
2. Red Rider BB Gun
4. World of Warcraft
5. ipod

Love, Frank

P.S. …another Pony

Dragon Thursday – Happy Autumnal Equinox

Happy Autumnal Equinox  to those of us in the Northern hemisphere.  It is the time of all things pumpkin spice.  So , in the spirit of things, I Googled pumpkin spice dragons.  Wow.  It’s a thing.  I found the most wonderful site with some whimsical dragons and yes, a pumpkin spice dragon. 🙂

I found this adorable dragon on Deviantart.  The artist is PixieEmz and she has an Etsy shop, Myriad Art Studios,  with more of these whimsical creatures.  To see more of this artists work visit her shop here:   myriadartstudios-logo