Dragon Thursday

I found these cute baby dragons on Pinterest.  The artist is  DragonCid on DeviantArt.

Be sure to check out DragonCid’s page.  She also does sculpture and has some wonderful pieces.

Dragon chicks by DragonCid

We have twelve hens that we bought as day old chicks.  One of them is always giving off a fierce look .  I imagine them thinking they are channeling their inner dragon. 😉

What are you looking at?
Red Sex Link chicks 6 days old.

Here is one of her sculptures, a red shoulder dragon



Albert Phineas Drache

Leap frogging through cyber space

I signed into my Pinterest account today and found many interesting pins that had been chosen just for me. 😉  Some of the items that pop up I find amusing, and wonder how they were chosen for me, but today one in particular caught my eye.  It is called The Readers Path, a digital art piece by artist Jeremiah Morelli.  I was immediately drawn to it and wanted to find out more.

jeremiah morelli - the readers pathHis website is MorJer’s Art

Per his website, Mr. Morelli started digital painting in November 2007.  His work  is whimsical and transports you into a fantasy world.

Some of his prints are available for purchase on his Deviantart page Jerry8448 

(The Readers Path is available)

Another of my favorites has a dragon (of course)

The Dragon and the Racoon

jeremiah morelli dragonBe sure to check out his gallery here .

He also offer tutorials on how he creates his digital art, and you can follow him on MorJer’s Art facebook page.



Albert Phineas Drache