Dragon Thursday – The alphabet, dragon style

Good morning,

My friend Linda shared a link to this very cool dragon alphabet.
The artist name is Sue Ellen Brown and her website is Zoolnart.com.  In addition to the dragon alphabet, she also does illustrations and makes jewelry.  I will include links below to her shops.

You can also get this cool t-shirt ” Everyone needs their own dragon”

You can find the artist here:





Dragon Thursday – Forest Dragon. The Amazing artwork of Caralyn Edwards-Tucker

This gorgeous dragon popped up on my news feed this week.  It was from DeviantArt.  The artist is Caralyn Edwards-Tucker.  This is one of the most beautiful nature inspired dragon sculptures I have seen.  The detail is amazing.

Forest Dragon by Caralyn Edwards-Tucker of Mystic Reflections (From her Facebook page)

This past weekend she was at Dragon Con in Atlanta.  From what I gathered, this piece was one up for auction.  Who ever won this beautiful dragon is so very lucky!  

Here are a few more photos from her Facebook page.


The artist has a tutorial on how to make this dragon on her Blogspot site:


You can also find her artwork on the following sites.  She specializes in fantasy and steampunk creations. There is quiet a variety, all beautifully detailed.





Coffee Monday

Good morning

While searching Pinterest for ideas for Coffee Monday, I found several Etsy shops that sell supplies for pour over coffee.  I did not realize this was popular (again).  There were two shops that caught my eye.  Click the links or photos to go to the individual Etsy shops.  Be sure to take a look around.  They have many wonderful items.

The first is a cool industrial looking model.  Great repurposing idea.


The photo shows one of their single cup stands.
They also make stands that hold two funnels and have other styles.  

This is the description on the shop page:  This single cup pour over set makes an exceptionally fast and fresh brew that accentuates the individual flavors of your coffee. The cone/funnel rests on a heavy duty industrial black pipe stand. The base and stand are made with a combination of black pipe and silver ring cup holder. Crafted with the best combination of design and function in mind, the coffee pour over stand connects coffee lovers to the best-in-class tools that make for memorable coffee experiences and of course a unique conversation piece for your kitchen.

Note from seller: Coffee cup/mug, funnel/cone and filters not included with purchase. The clear glass funnel pictured can be purchased for under $15.00 (Hario # 1) online. The white funnel (pictured) is a Starbucks brand funnel and costs $16.00 at the retail store.

The second one is a handmade pottery pour over cone with handle made by

Fox Rosalita

This one shows it on one of her handmade coffee mugs.

Dragon Thursday

I love finding fun things for Dragon Thursday.  My search this week was for Dragon art – images and it led me to a wonderful Etsy shop called


I love the colors this artist uses. I find this particular combination especially appealing.  The dragon is gorgeous.  It is on my wish list!  Be sure to click on the shop link (above) or the dragon print to go to the Etsy shop.  They have so many beautiful paintings.

Dragon art colorful magical creature in flames AlienKristiShop


You can also find Kristina Alien on Instagram and Facebook



Coffee Monday

Good morning!

It is the first day of the school year for us.  We do not live in an area where back to school is associated with cool, crisp fall temperatures.  We will be hovering in the upper 90 F well into October.  It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, or how hectic the rush to be at school on time is, coffee is necessary part of the morning routine. 😉

While looking for back to school coffee ideas, I ran across these awesome pencils on Etsy.  These would be a fun gift for a teacher or any coffee lover you know (That includes yourself. ❤ )

Coffee quote pencils

The Etsy store is called Maple and Grace. Beautiful Gifts and Homeware

They are located in the United Kingdom.  They also make Fairy Doors and personalized gifts.

Take a look, they have a fun and whimsical store.


Dragon Thursday

Good morning.

I ran across this unusual dragon pendant on Pinterest.  It is made by Jean Burgers, Owner, Maker, Designer and Curator of Jean Burgers Jewellery.

The back of the pendant.

Description from the website:

This pendant is one my Spirit Animal Series, a collection of unique works I created using a combination of etched Labradorite and metal.

I handcut this sterling silver Dragon silhouette using a tiny sawblade, (no casting or laser cutting!), and set a stunning piece of Labradorite onto it using a claw setting.
The piece of Labradorite was etched with the Flower of Life pattern by Holographik Universe.

The Flower of Life is an ancient geometrical design based around the circle.
It contains ancient, theological value depicting the fundamental forms of space and time. In this sense, it is a visual expression of the connections life weaves through all sentient beings, and it is believed to contain a type of Akashic Record of basic information of all living things
In sacred geometry the circle represents the sphere in 2 dimensions. It is the most universal symbol known to man and the ultimate representation of the unity and inseparability of all things. The Flower of Life pattern uses Pi to create the perfect balancing of spheres with sixfold symmetry. The centre of each circle is on the circumference of the six surrounding circles of the same diameter.

Take some time to visit the Etsy store and browse all of the beautiful jewelry. Each piece is hand made and finely detailed.  You can also find them at the links below.

Jean Burgers Jewellry.com



Dragon Thursday

I recently listened to an audiobook  written and narrated by Neil Gaiman  called
 Norse Mythology.   
I have always been intrigued by Norse Mythology and enjoy reading about it and seeing how it is woven into modern culture.  My first Neil Gaiman book was American Gods.

When I went searching for something for dragon Thursday, I stumbled upon Wear The Rare, an Etsy shop featuring Norse, Scandinavian and Viking style jewelry.   Click on the photos below to go to the Wear The Rare Etsy shop.

First is this dragon pendant.  It is handmade in sterling silver.

Viking Norse Charm The Ringerike Dragon Scandinavian Necklace Norse Jewelry Wear The Rare etsy hand


Viking Norse Charm The Ringerike Dragon Scandinavian Necklace Norse Jewelry Wear The Rare Wtsy 1


and Dragon ring.

Norse Ringerike Dragon Viking Ring Scandinavian Norse Jewelry


To explore more of this beautiful jewelry click the banner below:

Wear the rare banner




Dragon Thursday


This week my search for dragons led me to Etsy.   I love finding fun and unique items and the Etsy site hosts shops for many clever and creative artists.  At one such shop, I found an unusual dragon bracelet.

The shop is VaniLlamaArt

There were two dragon bracelets that caught my eye.  The first was this fantasy dragon bracelet.


The other was the bracelet done in a cool galaxy finish, titled Nebula Dragon bracelet

These are custom-made.  Not a mold.  Each bracelet is  made to order.  

From the store:

Dragon’s head and each body segment (beads) are made from polymer clay, carefully hand sculpted, touched with metallic pigments and sealed with varnis; they are strung on a black cotton cord.
The bracelet length: can be customised
Metal fastening: in antique brass or silver colour.

Each dragon is fully hand sculpted and decorated (not casted in molds) so it takes some time to make it. Also sizes, shapes and colors can vary a bit but style will stay – I prefer it to look a bit different every time – so each one is unique 🙂

The artist also has a link to a video on how they makes this beautiful jewelry.  Amazing.

The artist’s name is Dorota and you can find out more about them and their art here:  About

You may also find VanillamaArt  by clicking the links below:






Coffee Monday

Good morning!

I stumbled across a new to me trend in footwear.  Custom socks.  Yes. It’s a thing.  Since this IS Coffee Monday,  I will keep with coffee themed socks.  The first one can actually be left up to your interpretation.


Found on Etsy – Wine A Little Gifts

Perfect for weekends or anytime you want to subtly suggest that you need coffee. 😉

Or there is this one


Found on Etsy Custom Buffalo Chic

And last but not least, these cute socks I found on Pinterest which led to their Etsy shop.


Found on Pinterest Sockprint Socks

or their Etsy shop  Shop Sock Prints