Dragon Thursday

Remember the blog posts I ran on the artist named Lauren whose tumblr blog is   Iguana Mouth?

They are: Here (Dragon fruit), here ( Unusual Dragon hoards) and here (Their store).

Their store was pretty much sold out of the dragon hoard prints when I ran those posts, but it has been restocked and once again, is selling out quickly.

I gave myself a budget and ordered two prints and a pack of dragon fruit stickers. They arrived this week.

Order from Iguana mouth.  Unusual dragon hoard prints and dragon fruit stickers

Here is a closeup of the stickers

Fruit Dragon Stickers

Hoard of Garden Gnomes – I did not realize how much I like gnomes until I started looking at this print. 😉

Unusual Hoards - Hoard of garden Gnomes

I love gardening and plants and chose the Hoard of Plants and Terrariums.  I am so upset that I did not also order the Hoard of trees. It has already sold out, but I had a budget and stuck with it. Ah well.   Next time.

Hoard of plants and terrariums

I enjoyed the little notes that Lauren tucked in with the order and the thank you and discount on my next purchase was attached to a Magic card.  Cute.

clever card use

I am very pleased with the order.  The colors are vibrant and I love them all.   The store is a fun place to shop.  Take a look and see which is your favorite dragon hoard. Or maybe find something completely different.

Iguana mouth shop  ok_ok_original

Dragon Thursday Update

I happened to be having one of those sleepless nights and checked my email super early this morning.  I found a wonderful surprise.

I recently ran two Dragon Thursday posts, here and here, featuring an artist  named Lauren.  Their website is Iguanamouth.  I also mentioned that their web store was sold out.  Guess what?  It is restocked and ready to go.   Unfortunately , I did not see the Hoard of Squirrels for sale this time, but I found two Dragon Hoards  (I had to limit myself.  It was hard!) and the Dragon Fruit stickers.  So cool!

Grab a cup of coffee and go shopping!

Iguana mouth shop  ok_ok_original

Dragon Thursday

Last week I shared some wonderful Fruit Dragon art by Lauren of Iguanamouth

I took a tour of their site and they have so much cool art.  I found a section titled Collections

One that caught my eye was called Unusual Dragon Hoards

These look to be mostly commissioned pieces and they are awesome.   There are six pages in this collection and there are so many that I love.  I chose this one because it reminds me of an author that I associate with squirrels and thought – Oh, I have to tag Freddy with this.  😀  Some of the hoards are whimsical, a couple are risque but they are all fun.  Take some time to look around and visit their shop:

Iguana mouth shop ok_ok_original


Hoard of Squirrels Lauren Iguanamouth collections


Dragon Thursday

The fruit theme continues.  This week the art is a bit different from last weeks fruit dragons.  These dragons are the fruit.  I think this is pretty cool.

The artist name is Lauren and their tumbler page is called iguanamouth

You can find her fruit dragons here:  (click on the dragon fruit dragon and then click the top dragon pic.  It gives you a nice enlargement of their other dragons)

Dragon Fruit Dragon tumblr_nv5m50d9BY1r1dqpyo6_1280