Dragon Thursday

Remember the blog posts I ran on the artist named Lauren whose tumblr blog is   Iguana Mouth?

They are: Here (Dragon fruit), here ( Unusual Dragon hoards) and here (Their store).

Their store was pretty much sold out of the dragon hoard prints when I ran those posts, but it has been restocked and once again, is selling out quickly.

I gave myself a budget and ordered two prints and a pack of dragon fruit stickers. They arrived this week.

Order from Iguana mouth.  Unusual dragon hoard prints and dragon fruit stickers

Here is a closeup of the stickers

Fruit Dragon Stickers

Hoard of Garden Gnomes – I did not realize how much I like gnomes until I started looking at this print. 😉

Unusual Hoards - Hoard of garden Gnomes

I love gardening and plants and chose the Hoard of Plants and Terrariums.  I am so upset that I did not also order the Hoard of trees. It has already sold out, but I had a budget and stuck with it. Ah well.   Next time.

Hoard of plants and terrariums

I enjoyed the little notes that Lauren tucked in with the order and the thank you and discount on my next purchase was attached to a Magic card.  Cute.

clever card use

I am very pleased with the order.  The colors are vibrant and I love them all.   The store is a fun place to shop.  Take a look and see which is your favorite dragon hoard. Or maybe find something completely different.

Iguana mouth shop  ok_ok_original

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