Coffee Monday

Good morning!

This past week I had the pleasure of exploring Kansas City, Missouri while attending GRL 2016.  It is a beautiful city with so many things to do.  On the first full day that I arrived, a group of us ventured to the City market.  In the back corner there is a cool little coffee shop called City Market.  It is small and filled with the wonderful aroma of their on site roasted coffees.  They also serve pastries and assorted breakfast foods.  I went there several times while visiting Kansas City and it was always busy.

We took the streetcar from our hotel to the market.  One of the first things I noticed about the market area was it is very clean and well organized.  Vendors were setting up for the day on the first morning.   We stopped by a Mediterranean grocery and the fragrances were amazing.  Then I found City Market Coffee House















Sign for City Market Coffee house



One of the  local customers suggested the Cubano coffee or a macchiato. I tried the Cubano.  It was rich and delicious.
























Overall it was a very enjoyable place to visit.  There is some seating inside, with a outside patio behind the shop and seating along the walk way in front, facing the market.  I suspect that the weekends are the busiest and be prepared to wait.  I have not included a link to their website.  When I try to go to the site , I get a warning.  You may have better luck.  Google is a wonderful thing. 😉

When you visit Kansas City, be sure to take the street car to City Market,  It is a fun experience and the ride is free.  The weekends have local artisans, music, and many restaurants to explore. Be sure to grab a cup of your favorite brew and explore.





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