Captured moments – wildlife camera

We have a lot of wildlife around our home.  We decided to set up a wildlife camera , threw out some scraps and waited to see who showed up.  This is what we found.

We had not thrown out any scraps when she came by.  I think she was a little surprised. 🙂

We also have a fox.  Well, we know we have more than one.  Before we realized that they would hunt during the day, we started losing chickens.  We soon found out that a fox had a den close to our house with four adorable pups.  Well fed pups.  We now have a different chicken coop and a more controlled free range schedule.


This possum, we have named One eyed Jack.  Here, he is chasing a bug.


This is a younger possum


We also  have raccoons.

I am happy that we have not seen any coyotes.  They tend to not come up near our property.  It has definitely been interesting to see what is happening when we are not around.


2 thoughts on “Captured moments – wildlife camera

  1. Oh I love this! The deer’s reaction was cute. We’ve thought about doing this but maybe I’m not sure I want to know how close and how often the (rather large) coyotes come near the house. What type of camera set up do you use?


    • Hello. Sorry about the delay. We use a Stealthcam (Costco had them) this is the second game camera we have tried and like it. It has a variety of settings, photo and video, length of video and other programming choices. We have to be careful of swaying grass and branches triggering the camera. There is a delay in the start of filming too which can be annoying. It has been fun seeing what approaches the house.


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