Captured Moments – traveling moth

Good morning.

This moth was sitting on the side of some lumber we were buying. It allowed me to offer my finger and climbed on.  It stayed there until we finished our purchase and walked to a tree in the parking lot where I placed it near the trees trunk. It climbed off my finger and onto the trunk, then flew away. Pretty cool.  I am not sure what kind of moth it is.  I wondered how it had gotten into the lumber section?  Had it flown in, or traveled with the wood?  The lumber at our Home Depot is marked that it originated from Sweden.  I don’t think it has traveled quite that far. 😉   I am glad that I was able to help it.


4 thoughts on “Captured Moments – traveling moth

  1. It reminds me of a treehopper moth. That’s an interesting family because they’re related to thorn bugs, I think. If you want to find out, you could ask in the Moth and Butterfly Identification FB group. You can post the photo with date, time and location. Alternatively, if you don’t want to join that group (though it’s a great group, gorgeous photos and fast answers) you could try sending the first photo here after registering:

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