Captured Moments – Frogs, memories and mint

Good morning,

When I was about nine years old, we lived on some property surrounded by ranch land.  I had access to over one hundred acres filled with all sorts of wonderful places to explore.  One of my favorite spots was a creek that ran through the property not far from our house.  I remember sitting along the banks with my dog watching the fish dart about and the sun catch on the colors of the perch under the water.  There was also mint growing along the banks and in the water.  I was fascinated by it. It smelled so good!

Where I live now there are no creeks or natural ponds.   I wanted to grow some mint and remembered the mint growing along that creek.  I had a small stock tank that was given to us.  It had been used for hydroponic gardening.  I filled it with some of the left over growing medium also given us and placed some stones to set my pots on.   I also added some larger ones that stair step to the top of the pond.  This is for any small animals that might fall into the pond. It would give them a way back out.  I then filled it with water.  We have well water so there is no issue with chlorine or other chemicals. 

I always add mosquito fish to the ponds to help keep the mosquito population down.  The mosquito fish we have were rescued from drying creek beds a few years ago and have happily multiplied in all of our outdoor tanks.

I planted the mint in clay pots and sat them in the pond on the rocks.  They have thrived.  One morning I came out to find the spearmint pot knocked over into the pond.  When I picked it up, a small Southern Leopard frog was clinging to the mint.  He was watchful, but stayed in the container while I set it back in place.

We continued to watch each other for a few minutes and I left him to recover.

He seems quite content to live in the spearmint.  I have seen him there several times.

The mint has thrived in the new pots in the water.  This is after about two weeks.

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